MK2 / MKII Weapon Deals in SP [OPEN SOURCE] 2.1


A fairly simple mod that allows you to purchase MK2/MKII weapons, customize them and purchase ammo in SP from a gang member.

Big thanks to Dev614 for adding a customization/attachments + ammo menu to this.


Just go up to the gang member at the blip, and hit G to start a deal. You can customize the weapons within the menu as well, as of V2. Credit to Dev614 for adding this feature.


Drag and drop the .dll into your scripts folder. Install NativeUI.dll as well if you don't have it already.


Source is provided. Will not work on it's own as it must be compiled as a .dll with reference to NativeUI, Scripthook.NET etc.

Make sure you have these installed:

This mod won't be updated unless there is a serious issue with it. Feedback is appreciated.
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