Last Stand


To install, place LastStand.asi and LastStand.ini into your root folder with ScriptHookV.dll.

Press the "End" key to activate "Last Stand" mode which will put you in an injured state with full health, max armor, and a pistol. While in "Last Stand" mode, you can press the "O" key to toggle slow motion to get all your shots more accurate in the slowed down world. If you are in "Last Stand" mode and press the "End" key again you will commit suicide. You can still be harmed while injured but you take less damage. After 1 minute, you will bleed out.

Going into last stand mode is great when you know you are about to die or be overwhelmed. After you are injured, however, you cannot get back up until you bleedout, get killed, or commit suicide. The gun shoots automatically so you can only aim while shooting in an injured state. The injured functionality was coded mainly for pedestrians by Rockstar Games and using it on the player has its limitations such as the shooting which I hope to fix in the future. The mod intentionally sets your model to Michael after using "Last Stand" mode to fix some issues. Sometimes if you are in a small/secluded area you will just die when you enter "Last Stand" mode.

You can change the key to use the mod or edit the bleedout time by editing the .ini file:

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