Knight Rider Abilities [ALPHA]


This mod enables a few features and abilities for those, who love Knight Rider as much as I do:

- Turbo Boost*
- Auto Cruise (not 100% reliable yet!)
- Player Pickup (auto-spawns if necessary)
- Micro Jam*
- Wanted Removal*
- Invincibility
- Player protection (keep doors and windows closed!)
- Speech and SoundFX (as feedback to Auto Cruise etc.)
- Follow Mode (not yet implemented)
- Automatic Tuning and Window Tinting (auto-spawn)
- Closed roof (Knight Racer’s models)
- Working hinged headlights (Knight Racer’s models)
- Toggleable side windows

* has a cooldown (adjustable through the INI file) to keep things a bit balanced. Turbo Boost has 5 minutes, Wanted Removal and Micro Jam 10 minutes.


Community Script Hook V .NET:

Knight Rider Kitt 7.0

Extract all the files and folders from the ZIP archive into your scripts/ folder and change the KnightRiderAbilities.ini file to match your setup (car model etc.).


While driving:
Turbo Boost = Accelerate + Select Next Weapon
Micro Jam = Aim
Remove Wanted Level = Radio Wheel
Auto Cruise to waypoint = NumPad1
Toggle side windows = NumPad4

When in Auto Cruise mode, either press NumPad1, Accelerate or Brake/Reverse in order to resume manual control.

On foot:
Spawn/player pickup = NumPad2

Known Issues
-Abilities such as Remove Wanted or Micro Jam can be triggered while interacting with the interaction menu or the "web browser". If anyone knows how to detect interaction with any of those UI modules, please let me know.

- Auto Cruise is still a bit unreliable. Sometimes KITT/KARR attempts to drive into buildings and such.

Additional Information
This mod comes with sound and speech samples for both K.I.T.T. and K.A.R.R.

Set IsKarr in the INI file to true in order to have the correct samples for K.A.R.R. or to false for K.I.T.T.

Note that you can also set a model in the INI file. I recommend replacing the ruiner3 with one of Knight Racer's models, since it doesn't spawn anywhere and works perfectly fine! If you use a different model, please make sure you change the line ModelName=ruiner3 to reflect whatever model you want to use.

This mod is still ALPHA and is provided "as-is". I'm planning on updating it and adding the "follow" feature etc., but no promises, yet, as I'm pretty busy with lots of things. This was and is primarily a learning experience for me. I started learning how to mod GTA V like a week ago and this is the first thing I created for GTA V. Hope it's good enough for you guys :)

Credit for helping me optimize the code a bit goes to a friend of mine, who (as far as I know) doesn't have an account here. Thanks, man - I owe you one!

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