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A nice and hopefully well integrated hunger and sleep system. You can eat at restaurants, fast food and convenience stores and sleep at hotels and motels.
There are 4 states for each need (Sated, Peckish, Hungry and Starving - Rested, Sleepy, Tired and Exhausted)
If you have the possibility to use interiors you can eat at stoves and sleep in beds at home.
Each character has his own stats (custom model as well)

Two new "contacts" will be added to your phone:
- Places to eat: will show all the restaurant, fast food and stores on the map for sometime (configurable) then they will disappear. You can call whenever you want.
Remember, restaurants are closed from 22:00 to 11:00.
- Places to sleep: will show all the hotels and motels.

- Eating at restaurants will take about 1 hour and costs a bit.
- Eating at fast food it's cheaper and faster but your hunger level will then deplete a bit faster as well.
- Eating at convenience stores it's very cheap but you won't be able to feel sated and hunger level will deplete even faster.
- Eating at safehouse and interiors (interiors not included in this mod) is cheap and fullfilling,
- Sleeping at hotels costs the most.
- Sleeping at motels costs less but your sleep level will then deplete a bit faster.
- Sleeping at safehouse is free but sleep level will then deplete a bit faster.
- Sleeping in bed at interiors (interiors not included in this mod) is free and fullfilling.

When you are starving you won't be able to see as good and while running you can sometimes faint and collapse.
When exhausted you will move slower and aiming will be a struggle.

If you have my mod "Roleplay Menu": if you start an eating scenario (not drinking) when hungry, after a while it will fill the hunger a bit (not higher than "peckish"). When exhausted and start a relaxing scenario (sit on ground, sunbathe..) it will slowly raise the sleep need not higher than "tired".


- Turn on/off hunger and/or sleep system
- Rates at which hunger and sleep deplete
- Price multiplier
- How long blips stay visible after looking for them on the phone
- Show/hide markers in front of entrances
- Turn on/off visual and penalty effects when starving/exhausted
- Position of the text relative to the minimap (bottom, center, top)

For more options like colors of blips and markers, text font etc.. check out the Patreon version!

Watch the Gameplay Video

Recommended Mods (optional):

- Roleplay Menu (to dance, drink, smoke etc.. And have an even more immersive experience. Trailer here)
- Forever Together (a nice complete and fun companion mod. Gameplay here)
- Casual Jobs (to make some quick and easy money)

The Club is now in Early Access!

Requirements and How to Install:

Script Hook V
Community Script Hook V .NET

Put the files in your GTAV scripts folder.

Any kind of support is very much appreciated.
Here is my Patreon in case you want more awesome mods.
If you need some more details, news and updates on my mods please visit and subscribe to my Youtube channel!

Please do not distribute or re-upload my mods
I use only and Patreon to upload my stuff. If you find anything somwhere else it means it has been stolen.

v1.0 : Release
v1.0.1 : Fixed a bug that prevented custom hunger/sleep rate to work properly - added character voice comments after visiting restaurants etc..
v1.0.2 : Fixed the bug that caused fps loss after a timelapse.
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