Collectibles on Map - Stunt Jumps 1.1

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Collectibles on Map - Stunt Jumps
by skinnyJay

This extension to the abandoned "Collectibles on Map" LUA Script by Ocrimax adds the 50 stunt jump locations to the map. By default, the markers are set to "quad bike", and only appear when near.

This can be changed in the bottom half of the script by changing
UI.SET_BLIP_AS_SHORT_RANGE(blip[i], true) to
UI.SET_BLIP_AS_SHORT_RANGE(blip[i], false)

Blip Sprite IDs and Color IDs can be found at

  1. Download "Script Hook V" (including the ASI loader) and extract the files into your game folder.
  2. Download "LUA Plugin for Script Hook V" and extract the files into your game folder.
  3. Extract the StuntJumps.lua script to /Grand Theft Auto V/scripts/addins/

  • Scripthook V (v1.0.1868.0)
  • LUA Plugin for Script Hook V (v10.1)

Collectibles on Map v0.2 by Ocrimax
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