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Feel free to join my Discord Server for announcements about this mod (and a better chance for support).

Chaos Mod V is an attempt to mimic the Chaos mods found on SA and VC.

Basically, every 30 seconds the game will trigger a random effect. This effect can be anything from giving you an RPG to exploding all nearby vehicles or making every nearby ped dance.

There are one-time and timed effects. One timed effects will run only once when the effect is started, while timed effects will run for 90 seconds (by default) after they've been started.

This makes gameplay significantly more surprising, as literally anything could happen every time an effect starts. Right now the mod features around 300 unique effects.

A spreadsheet containing all the existing effects can be found here (may not always include effects added in new updates immediately).

The mod also comes with a simple configuration tool. You can do anything from changing how often an effect should start to toggling individual effects and changing all kind of settings individually for any effect.

Also this mod is open source and licensed with GPLv3. Feel free to do whatever you want with it as long as it doesn't violate the license in any way and you credit me accordingly.

Installation / Updating:

Vanilla (preferred)
Make sure you have ScriptHookV installed!
Otherwise just drop the ChaosMod.asi and the chaosmod folder (don't extract the content!) into your GTA directory.

Drop the ChaosMod.asi into the plugins folder inside the FiveM/FiveM Application Data/ folder (create the plugins folder if it doesn't exist already).
The chaosmod folder still goes into your normal GTA directory.

Please do note that some mods (e.g. trainers or visual mods) can conflict with some effects! If you are experiencing any problems try disabling all other mods before reporting them back!

Also make sure you run chaosmod/ChaosModVConfig.exe to look through its options to customize the mod to your liking!

Make sure to check the config utility every once in a while to see if there's an update available!

Warning: Some effects have the potential to induce a seizure / cause problems for users with Tinnitus. If this is a concern for you, you might want to disable the following effects:

  • Bubble Vision
  • Deep Fried
  • High Pitch


  • 8 new effects
    - Spinning Cam (@ProfessorBiddle)
    - Jump! Jump! (@Last0xygen)
    - Tanks A Lot (@Last0xygen)
    - Everyone Is Bloody (@ubscal)
    - Get Towed (@Last0xygen)
    - Spawn Quarreling Couple (@juhana)
    - U-Turn (@juhana)
    - Weird Pitch
  • Compatibility with the Rainbomizer mod (found here)
  • Updated Failsafe to work with the latest game build (2372)
  • Added more texts to:
    - "News Team"
    - "Fake Death"
    - "Realistic Hacking"
  • Replaced "Lock Vehicle Camera" effect with "Lock Camera" which also works on foot (@juhana)
  • Increased time between each required kill for the "The Blade Hungers" effect
  • "Explosive Zombies" no longer clears the wanted level
  • "Rocket Man" now makes the Player invincible
  • Changed action names in "Simeon Says" to be more descriptive
  • Vending machines spawned by "Quick Sprunk Stop" are now more persistent
  • "Now This Is Some Tire Poppin'" now has a slighly longer delay between each "pop"
  • "In The Hood" will now apply to hostile peds more consistently
  • "Random Traffic" is long timed by default now
  • Fixed "Rapid Fire" breaking miniguns (@Last0xygen)
  • "High Pitch" and "Low Pitch" are marked as incompatible now
  • Fixed effects written in Lua not dispatching from the effect menu properly

  • v1.9.2
  • Added 18 new effects!
  • Added new options to the config utility
    - Option to disable mod on startup by default
    - Option to disable effect group weighting behaviour (not recommended!)
    - Option to disable the "Failsafe" feature

  • Removed following effects:
    - "Disable Forwards / Backwards Movement" (replaced by another effect)
    - "Disable Left / Right Movement" (replaced by another effect)

  • Several changes to existing effects:
    - "Set Player Into Random Vehicle" and "Set Player Into Random Vehicle Set" are less likely to place you into a vehicle with a weird state (appearing to be under the map) now
    - Slightly increased weighting multiplier of "Teleportation" and "Player Kill" effect groups
    - "Fake Teleport" will now pause all game scripts and should thus not cause any mission fails anymore
    - Excluded "Fake Teleport" from the "Teleportation" effect group
    - "Random Traffic" now randomizes ALL vehicles (including mission ones!)
    - "Random Traffic" is now long timed by default
    - "On-Demand TV" now has a much more broader variety & randomizes its location on screen each time
    - "Fake Death" and "Fake Teleport" will now both display fake effect names before ending
    - Updated the fake vehicle explosion logic to mimic the behaviour seen in "Detonate Current Vehicle" for "Fake Death"
    - "Teleport To Random Location" is less likely to place you under the map now
    - Made "Simeon Says" meaner
    - "Heavy Recoil" is now less jarring
    - Added more names and texts to "Realistic Hacking"
    - "Rainbow Traffic" now has an offset for primary and secondary colors
    - "Dead Eye" won't break sniper rifles anymore
    - "One Hit KO" now disables Trevor's special ability
    - "Replace Current Vehicle" now also applies random upgrades
    - "Spawn Random Vehicle" applies more random upgrades now

  • v1.9.1.3
  • Added 3 new effects
  • Modified weighting of specific effect groups as per feedback
  • In-game overlay voting options will now respect the "Effect Text" color in the config utility and have a background for better readability
  • Fixed an issue that could cause effect groups to not show up at all
  • Fixed Failsafe also clearing permanent effects
  • Added colors to log console!
  • Added more stuff to complain about
  • Some (more or less) minor changes to effects

  • v1.9.1.2
  • Added 4 Effects
    - "Spawn Biker"
    - "Binoculars"
    - "Aimbot"
    - "Can't Tie My Shoes"
  • Made adjustments to Effect Groups
  • Fixed Twitch voting proxy crashing after loading a save

  • v1.9.1.1
  • Fixed potential game lock-up caused by Failsafe

  • v1.9.1
  • Added 4 effects
    - "Roasting"
    - "Cruise Control"
    - "Teleport To Random Store"
    - "Detonate Current Vehicle"

  • Common effects (like Teleportation or Spawning ones) are grouped together now
    - This means they are less likely to appear frequently now while allowing us to add even more of them without tipping the balance to add more variety in the future!

  • Added Failsafe™
    - Subsequent mission fails within a specific time-span will cause the mod to activate measures depending on the amount of fails (e.g. clearing effects or removing spawned enemies)

  • Removed following effects
    - "Pwned"
    - "No Braking Allowed"
    - "Player Swap"
    - "Everyone Turn Right"
    - "Explode Current Vehicle"

  • Effect specific changes
    - Revamped "Roll Credits"; it will no longer block user input and the screen will fade out much slower than before
    - "Full Acceleration" doesn't apply any force if brakes are active now
    - Mission entities are invincible during "Gravity Field" now, also made the effect more performant
    - "Pacifist" doesn't kill you for simply aiming at a ped anymore
    - The prompt in "Simeon Says" will now appear again after a dying
    - "Realistic Hacking" will now abort the hack if dead
    - Fixed "Lag" rotating the camera occasionally and reverting velocity if moving backwards
    - (Hopefully) fixed "Spawn Random Vehicle" causing an occasional mission fail if the current vehicle was mission relevant
    - "Brake Boosting" excludes helicopters and blimps now
    - Slight changes to the color of touched vehicles in "Midas Touch" to make them appear more gold-like
    - Renamed "Dance Troop" to "Dance Troupe"
    - "Bees" is long timed by default now
    - "Help My W Key Is Stuck" and "Spinning Peds" are short timed by default now

  • Changes to the config utility
    - Cleaned up the general layout
    - Displays a popup at startup warning you if the application has no write permissions now
    - Enabled the ability to change the weight for meta effects
    - Modified the default times for meta effects (normal timed: 90s -> 95s, short timed: 60s -> 65s)
    - More minor changes

  • Added the ability to quickly scroll through effects in the effects menu with Arrow Left / Right

  • Older Versions
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