Car steal missions 0.61


Car steal missions v0.61

This script adds some missions about robbing vehicles. To start a mission just walk into the stairs of the dock hangar marked in the map and it will start, you will see a message("steal the car"). Go to car position marked in map, steal it, and deliver it to the docks. You recieve a reward for each transport delivered. Cars can spawn both driving around the city or in defined parked areas.areas. To cancel the mission, just press H key and you will see the message "mission canceled". If you die or the vehicle is destroyed the mission is failed

How to install:Just put carsteal.vb in your scripts folder, remember that it requires ScripthookVdotnet(tested under build 592)

How to play: go to the indicated zone in the map, it is located in the docks with a blip(car). Get to the indicated zone and then, a menu will show up. Pres the indicated key to play the indicated mission:
-Press "1"-Cars & bikes steal
-Press "2"-Tank steal
-Press "3"-Boat steal
-Press "4"-Armored & gang vehicles steal

Known bugs:
-Sometimes the blip that marks the car disapears, I don t know why, the same for the route when you are driving the stolen car to the docks. So for prevent suggest to mark the route in the map when you are going to steal the indicated vehicle.
I still can t fix this bug, i don t know what is causing it. If someone has an idea, please contact.
-When driving at high speed, the vehicles in pursuit(crusaders and hexers) spawn with less frequency. I don t know why.
-The soldier in the turret of the Insurgent does not shoot the player.

-More parked and driving zones for the vehicles to spawn.
-More vehicles added (there are 24 vehicles in the list).
-Now when you steal a parked car, the alarm will sound.
-When you get into de stolen car, the player character sometimes gets a wanted level (1 or 2 stars)
-If the player dies, the mission is failed.
-Added another vehicle steal variant, this time its a tank robbery mission. The tank spawns parked in Fort Zancudo.

-Now the route shows up to the target vehicle zone.
-More cars added (34 cars in total)
-Boat steal mission added, there are 16 boats in the spawn list, and 4 locations to spawn.
-Armored(stockade) variant mission added, a parked stockade with 8 armed guards, ¡try to steal it! (for now it has just one spawn location)

-Motorbikes added. Bike steal are included in sports cars steal option(Now, cars and bikes)
-More locations for Armored vehicle steal: One of those locations is near Fort Zancudo and a insurgent2 will spawn instead of the stockade.
-Increased number of guards around the stockade/insurgent2 (now there are 8 guards and 2 inside the vehicle)

-New location for stockade steal.
-New variant of armored vehicle steal, this time a robbery to "The lost MC". You must steal a gang burrito.
-In the insurgent2 and gburrito steal missions, when you enter in the target vehicle. The army or Lost MC try to get it back. They will send crusaders or bikes to chase you.
-NOTE: if the pursuit vehicles(crusaders and bikes) spawn very quickly. Change the Me.interval under the "pursuit" class in the script: default is 9000(9 seconds per cycle, which means that every 9 seconds spawns a chasing vehicle)

-Added different prices for each vehicle, now you can configure your own rewards.
-The Army and Lost MC, chases you in different vehicles (crusader, mesa3, insurgent 1 and 2 for the army), (All chopper bikes , gang burrito and Slamvan2 for The Lost MC)

-Fixed teleport issue when the keys "J" and "U" are pressed.

NOTE:This mod is free source, so it means that YOU ARE FREE TO MODIFY this script. And I invite to all modders to release the source code of their scripts because it is a way to keep the modding community growing up. I looked a lot to other source codes from other scripts and that helped me a lot. The only condition to modify and upload a modded version of this script is that you release the source code of the modified ones.

Special thanks to: JulioNIB for his scripting tutorials and to everyone that released the source of their scripts. FREE SOURCE 4 LIFE
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