Body marker [.Net] 1.2


A simple mod adding markers to dead bodies like in RDR 2.
Use "bmtoggle" cheat code (~) to toggle blips. Also saves to config file.

Place BodyMarker.dll into "scripts" folder.
You'll need Script Hook V & Script Hook .NET
After the game loads the script will generate the configuration file (BodyMarker.ini)

Config file explained
This is a default config:
Enable=true // enable/disable blips
HideOnDistance=true // either to hide a blip on distance or not; not affecting despawn (blip will still be removed if body despawns)
DistanceThreshold=600 // distance in meters to a blip to hide; not affecting despawn (blip will still be removed if body despawns earilier)

- Added HideOnDistance & DistanceThreshold params

- Wait for previous blip to disappear before adding "X" (a fix for possible conflict with other mods)
- If the player distance >800m the blip will disappear, however if you'll return and the body is still there, a blip will be shown
- Added a "bmtoggle" cheat for toggling blips

- Initial Release

Known issues
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