BloodV 1.0


Works good with GoreV!

This mod adds a better and more gruesome blood effect to pedestrians when shot. You can increase and decrease the amount of blood using the controls in the ini file.

Drag and drop the .dll and the .ini file into your scripts folder.

All of these controls are configurable in the ini!
I - Increase blood amount.
O - Decrease blood amount.

1.0 - Added 2 versions, one where you can change the default amount of blood in the ini so it stays permanent (Works for US keyboards) and one where you can only change the blood amount in-game (Non permanent, Works with EU keyboards)
0.95 - Decrease now works in the ini.
0.9 - Fixed the ini file
0.8 - Bug Fixes
0.7 - Fixed bugs
0.6 - Fixed bug where blood came out of previously shot limb
0.5 - Optimized the code
0.4 - Fixed the problem with European keyboards not registering the amount of blood right.
0.3 - Made the blood come from where the ped was shot, not just their head.
0.2 - Added configurable amounts of blood. 0 - 1.0
0.1 - Initial Release

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