BinocularsV 1.0.1



Adds the possibility to use binoculars.


- ScriptHookV

- ScriptHookVDotNet

How to install:

1 - Extract "BinocularsV.dll" and "BinocularsV.ini"
2 - If the "scripts" folder doesn't exist in your main GTAV directory, create it.
3 - Place "BinocularsV.dll" and "BinocularsV.ini" in the "scripts" folder.

How to play:

For Keyboard:
Press "B" to use binoculars.

For Controller:
Press "Left Pad" to use binoculars.

You can change the default key in the .ini file


Patreon :
Discord :

Thanks to Alexander Blade, crosire, jedijosh920 and the GTA community


Version 1.0: Initial

Version 1.0.1:

- Controller/Keyboard controls issues
- Binoculars cannot be used when the player is in cutscene
- The current weapon is hidden when the player uses binoculars
- Stealth mode conserved when the player uses binoculars
- The player camera cannot be change when the player uses binoculars
- The sound is now stopped when the player uses zoom and quit at same time

- "Shift" key added for keys combinations (.ini file)

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