Young Gojo Satoru Addon Ped 1.1


my very first mod!!!
I know the rigging, model, and textures are very poor but I promise I will improve in the future.
this mod works for addon peds
I will post updates in the future
for now is the base model
This how you can choose it in GTA 5

model source:

download menyoo trainer:

(for replace)
Press f8
You will get menyoo trainer
Then go to
Player option > Model Changer > input Model (in the bottom)
Then enter the name of the model in the box ig bankman and then press enter.
That's all.

Replace all files here (for replace)


and here: D:\GTAV\x64e.rpf\models\cdimages\componentpeds ig.rpf\

1.0: better UV maps and "improved" bones
1.1: improved scale uv maps and holes in the arms, with this update I summon.... arm bugs..
idk why this happens
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