XXXTENTACION Mod [Replaces Franklin - Includes Dreads] 4.0


Version 3.9
How to Install
Drag and drop every file in every folder that you want into :\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\streamedpeds_players.rpf\player_one
if there is a readme in the folder then the item goes elsewhere
0.1 - Mod released
0.2 - More and fixed face tats
1.0 - More faces, readme update
1.1 - Hand tats added, unsuccesful
1.2 - Hand tats removed, Updated tree tattoo on Blue Dreads Tattoos
1.3 - Added cursive tattoo to the left jaw, near Clock Tattoo
1.4 - .dds Files renamed to what variant it belongs to, no more confusion
1.5 - Neck tattoo added to all variants, Death Before Dishonor fixed, and Remember to Remember has been fixed.
1.6 - Clock placed more accurately
1.7 - Clock moved yet again, variety of options added
1.8 - Clock moved again, nose tattoos more accurate
1.9 - Tree fixed a small bit
2.0 - Readme fixed, Hand Tattoos added, warning included
2.5 - Nose tattoos smaller, face cleaned up, body cleaned up, Bad Vibes Fvr
tattoo added to arm, body added (my fault, sorry), files changed .ytd for
easier install
3.0 - Variety of options added back in. Alone tattoo fixed, broken heart fixed,
fuckpurrp tattoo added to body
3.1 - Clothing added, hands fixed
3.2 - Body cleaned up, body tats cleaned up
3.3 - Welcome to the world Gekyume! Special t-shirt
3.4 - Hand model re-done, Clothes added, skin color adjusted,
tattoos improved. Eye color change, new head textures, new body model
3.5 - Tattoos completely redone on face and facial texture improved. Revenge Hoodie textures resemble real merch
3.6 - Tattoos redone everywhere, head model created
3.7 - Revenge hoodies remade, head model removed, file locations fixed and changed
3.8 - Clothing additions, some body tattoos fixed
3.9 - Face Tattoos redone, Some body tattoos redone, two versions of each head texture, eye color redone, Dreads by Ze-Krush included
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