WW2 French uniforms for MP Male 1.2 (Fix)

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WW2 French uniforms for Mp Male

This is a uniform pack for mp-male, featuring WW2 French uniforms. Nobody ever made a French pack and many ppl does not look over the traditional 1940 style French uniforms. However, as I was studying WW2, I think that the early-War french uniforms do have interesting uniforms. Their uniforms feature variosities of asthetics regardless of the fact that they lost in about a month to the germans. I know they couldn't be as interesting as the german counterparts, but anyways I found interest and produced them to be played with in GTA V. Would be great for WWII reenactment. Please enjoy and feel free to comment!

mpclothes mod -

Install Mp clothes mod from the link above, and place the files accordingly
(Please look at the tutorial there, I won't be helping you out with the installation as it is your own problem that you can't install)
Just rename and replace the files to go along with your wanted textures in openiv,
and it will show up in-game!
*As long as the ydd and ytd files names are matched, textures will show up correctly

High Quality models
Uniforms for Enlisted, NCOs, Officers
Rank chevrons for Enlisted&NCOs
Rank chevrons for Officers&Kepis
Belt Gears


1.0 - Initial upload
1.1 - Fixed coat transparency problem, helmet texture glitch
1.2 - Fixed backpack texture. Sorry for the wrong texture.

model& asset credits to: ComradeBear, Activision, Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games
Ripped mainly from:
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