US Navy Seals, SOCOM Diver [Add-On Ped / FiveM] 1.0


"The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday"
This ped I have made combines most variations of gear and loadouts a SEAL member would have. Including diving gear, jungle gear, combat and night raid gear. Camos include, Black AOR2 AOR3 Multicam and Tricolour Desert(may add more in the future). Variations list is below

Special Thanks to all my beta testers and CrunchyCat & 丂ιиριє for the awesome screenies!

EUP version will be available at

Navy Seals Ped Version 1.0
Replace Method:
Replace all files in this location.
The Default replaced ped is s_m_y_swat_01 you can modify this to replace it to any other peds like s_m_y_marine_03

Addon Method:
2.Place ped files to update\x64\dlcpacks\addonpeds\dlc.rpf\peds.rpf\.
3.Open AddonPedsEditor.exe and add ped in the list (navyseal)

2 Heads with beard and jungle facepaint variant
4 Hair Variations, Opscore fast helmet+NVGS variant (black,AOR2,AOR3),Boonie Hat(AOR2,AOR3,Multicam) diving heargear
1 Uppr Variation, Crye Precision Combat Shirt (black, AOR2, AOR3, Multicam, Tricolour Desert)
1 Lowr Variation, Crye Precision Combat Pants (black, AOR2, AOR3, Multicam, Tricolour Desert)
3 Shoe Variation, 1.Boots 2.Boots with flippers slung at the back 3.Diving Flippers
1 Accs Variation, LARS rebreather (4 textures for unit number)
2 Task Variation, 1.Buoyancy Control Device(for diving) 2.Load Bearing Vest (AOR2,AO3,Multicam)
2 Decl Variation, Red Team patch, Gold team Patch

Bloodmapped Uniform, Edited .ymt file to allow for over 300++ variations

Future Plans: Addition of gloves instead of vanilla gloves (have mechanix gloves assets), add LODs
Feedback welcome here:

MW2 Remastered

Made by Stephen
Do not rip textures of models, if you need anything simply contact me from my discord ill see what i can do.
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