MP Guy For Franklin 1.4



Now you can play with the GTA Online character. Soon you will have more pieces for him, wait...

How to install:

In the folder, you will have to choose between the white, black and an Asian character. Once they have chosen, grab all the files from one of these folders and paste them into:



*3 special Collector Edition heads:

*Claude Speed
*Niko Bellic
*John Marston

*A pair of shorts and slippers

GTA Online Hair, now for your character in this new Update 1.1

The installation mode is the same as the heads.
In the folder there will also be special hair for the black and Asian character.

And it will also feature special hair from DLC's:

*The Business
*I'm Not a Hipster

*Update 1.2

What does it include?

New shirts, bluses and shoes.

DLC Masks:

Wererolf Head and Zombie Head

Special Outfits and Acessóries

And new Hair Ponytail.

*Update 1.3

Fix hairs bugs.

Fix Ponytail crash.

Clothes of Christmas DLC.

Mask of Christmas DLC.

Clothes of Low-Riders DLC.

New Long Hair.

Halo Cap.

*Update 1.4

Clothes of Doomsday Heist DLC.

New Mask.

Clothes of Bikers DLC.

Diving Suit.

Tron Outfit.

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