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Hey all. So I saw this ( wonderful profile and thought, "hey, I like making stuff for the MP Character, but I don't play as a female character. I should do something about that," and here I am.

So I thought it'd be best to provide the textures through files. This will allow you all to place them onto other models or edit them to your liking. You are free to open them with whatever image program you feel comfortable with. I left a tutorial in the read me(s) and have a video provided.

I will let you know now, I suck at textures, so a couple of the textures may not look the best, but they're presentable. Yeah.

Credit to theNGclan ( and Lunchxbles ( for the embedded
texture on the balaclava. Big thanks!

If you have any TEXTURES you want edited or made, feel free to ask. Donations are not encouraged as almost everything I use is free, but hey, if you wanna slide ya boy some cha-ching, you already know what's good 😏

As always, don't mod online. That includes scripts.

*Now including new textures such as:
More Duffel Bags
Ties with clips
Ripped Jeans
and Trevor's Baseball Cap model for MP Male use.
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