TBoGT Sticky Bomb 2.0v - Now with Weight Loss!



So after losing my mods folder contents TWICE, I was lookin through the files and found some old gen sticky bomb models; this one right here. Alongside that one used in a single player heist, there was a bomb that had the correct proportions in relation to the one's from TBoGT, but the texture was incorrectly mapped. So I took the last gen heist model, stretched that bitch out, and made this thing here.

It also goes pretty well with the time-based mod to really complete TBoGT feel for it Thanks to NaijaMango for help with the collision bug! Couldn't have done it without ya.

Sep 5, 2023 - Included the slim version of the bomb used in the last gen FIB raid to reduce clipping. Collisions still work as intended. Installation is the same, the BoGT option is still available
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