Metallic Hulkbuster Avengers Endgame 1.1

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v1.1 Fixed the arms penetration bugs and added metallic material to azminzainal25's Hulk Buster 2.0 Btw, I haven't updated the Hulk buster Age of Ultron version. Don't ask about that.

v1.0: initial release (In the future update I may also include the Heavy duty Armor and continue to improve the texture myself.)

Installation guides:
Installation guides:
1. Download the basic requirement:
Add on peds selector
Script hook V
Script hook V donet
NIB menu

2. Download the Ironman mod by JulioNIB:

3. Use this mod to use PEDS as Add-On Ped.

4. Put all the files in the folder "armors" into scripts\IronmanV Files\ armors

5. replace the "hud v2" folder inside scripts\IronmanV Files\HUD with the folder provided

How to play:
Press Ctrl N to load the NIB menu, then choose the ironman script and select "HulkBuster by nsh3t" .
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