21 Savage | *Replace Player* V2.1


First i just wanna give thanks to everyone who helped me on this mod everyone was such a big help this project was a pain but with everyone's help i am glad to present 1.0 this is a work in progress mod that will turn into a full 100% Overhaul of franklin or trevor but this is the basic simple version of it for now if you have any requests for the mod please dont be shy to mention them the more ideas the better i can make this mod anyway thank you and enjoy

V2.1 New hair Model, new updated face textures, 2 new bomber jackets, new leather jacket, new port model for his ear & earrings

ISSA UPDATE: Krush Made New Normal Maps To Make The Face Smoother So New Head Model & Wrinkles while talking, New Hair, New Pants, New Off White Bomber With A Off-White Narciso Undershirt As Seen In His Off White Photo Shoot, A New 3D Goatee So You Dont Have To Deal With The Flat Texture, New Face Diff With A Thinner mustache & Off White Opera Hoodie From Ze-Krush

21 SAVAGE replace franklin or trevor i added hand model and diffs for what
you want to decide.

CREDITS For All These G.O.A.T's :
Ze-Krush | (Ripping models/Importing/Editing polygons/Normal Maps/Off-
White Hoodie/Screenshots)
Mishka Volkav | (Creating facial animations)
ChunkyYaBoi | ( Custom HD Face Textures , Hair, New Fit Clothes & Vans )
RobertEazy13 | (Face texture color correction, Fitting the strapback hat)
SexCurryBeats | (Troubleshooting and helping with the import/export process)
Southsde | (Custom Bape Hoodie For 21 Savage)
Dair-modded | (Some Of The Screenshots Shown)
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