SAHP Incident Command Vehicle Plus [Add-on | Lore Friendly | Liveries] 1.2


SAHP Incident Command Vehicle Plus
Feel annoyed about emergency command? Command trucks are so heavy and inconvenient? Need a quick responding command vehicle? Here comes, only $2000,000 for each SAHP Incident Command Vehicle. Smaller, safer and sooner.
More command vehicles will be produced in the future.

- Official 3 liveries for SAHP ICV Alamo (sahpicv)
- Optional 6 liveries for SAHP ICV Alamo (sahpicv)

v1.2 - Changed the file format
v1.1 - Added 1 livery about Logo Nacho SAHP
v1.0 - Initial Release

1.Download SAHP Incident Command Vehicle model.
2.Use OpenIV to add sahpicv.ytd and sahpicv+hi.ytd. Also you can check "Import" to import the liveries you need in pack.
3.Remember to save the file and enjoy it in San Andreas.

- OpenIV

Permissions of Using
- Reuploading the file to other websites is not allowed.
- Exploiting content of this pack for commercial, financial or personal gain is not allowed.
- Ask the authors yourself to ensure they are alright with what assets from this pack if you intent on using.
- Contact me if FiveM or others' servers want to use.

- Our Discord -
- My Patreon -

- ShaoyeBen - liveries; official SAHP logo; screenshots; introduction
- SAS994 - model editing and others
- Nacho - optional SAHP logo
- Jhonny - optional SAHP logo
- Jacobmaate - optional SAHP logo
- Rockstar Games - original model
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