Realistic Traffic AI 1.0


Some tweaks to the AI handling to give the traffic a more realistic feel. The vanilla traffic is too safe and boring, other traffic tweaks cause too much chaos. So I decided to make mine.

Traffic in the city is mostly similar to vanilla, but occasionally, small accidents will happen if the vehicle in the front do an emergency brake.

Vehicles will generally go faster than before on highway:
+ Sport car will go faster
+ Old, heavy cars can cause some minor jam due to lower speed compared to normal vehicles
+ If there's an obstacle on the road: normal cars with good brake will be able to stop in time, sport cars have better brake, but are more likely to hit other cars because of the higher speed, heavy and old vehicles are more likely to cause an accident due to weight and bad brakes.
+ Jump in front of a car on highway and you'll get hit much more often, just like in real life

Overall, this tweak makes the traffic in game a little bit more similar to GTA San Andreas.
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