Modern Phone for Michael and MP Character 1.0


Modern phone for Michael and MP Character

Features a large screen, clear ui and high-resolution modern backgrounds and icons
Background and color theme can be changed in settings menu

Comes in black, silver and white colors

Contains instructions on how to also add your own backgrounds, which look much nicer on a large screen compared to the old phone

Editing phone UI was pretty difficult, so there may be bugs i haven't spotted, but feedback is welcome

Also, i used nve free version in the screenshots

IMPORTANT: MSAA will make the phone not load fully in third person, i am looking into it but for now you must turn it off

To install:
1. Extract the files from the compressed rar somewhere on your pc, for example on the desktop
2. Choose one of the colors (black, silver or white) and drag and drop the .oiv file into OpenIV (make sure edit mode is on)
3. Select to install in the "mods" folder, if you don't already have one it will create one

To uninstall:
Do the same but with the uninstall.oiv file instead
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