Euphoria Reconfiguration 0.96



This is a Euphoria mod ,the mod enhances Euphoria ragdoll in gta v

small size file
jump roll from road vehicle looks like gta iv
better car pushing
pdes don't catch car when the car is fast
more foetal when roll down stairs
peds fall down after leg shot
(Sorry,my English isn't good)

peds are more likely to fall over when hit by a car
character try to avoid head butting ground when rolling
character twitches more when electrocute
peds are harder to fall when hit by melee
character may not fall after falling from a height
character balance longer on fire

better shot behavior

better shot behavior
jump roll from road vehicle looks more like gta iv
fly farther after hit through windscreen

Copy physicstasks.ymt to:/Grand Theft Auto V/mods/update/update.rpf/x64/data/tune
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