Colored Window Tint 1.0


Hey all, today I cooked up something fun.

LS Customs just got a new shipment straight from Japan! I introduce to you, Colored Window Tints!

This simple mod will replace the tint in LS Customs with 3 new colors! Red, Green and Blue!

Each color comes with 3 different shades; Light, Dark, and Limo. These are the same shades the vanilla black tint uses.

You have 4 installation options. Red, Green, Blue and Multicolor. The multicolor option allows you to use all 3 colors in the game, but only one shade at a time.

Readme is included with detailed instructions.

*Some colors show up better on some cars more than others. Please don't be hard on me if the colors come up too dark on your favorite car. This is either due to the model's glass or maybe just the game engine. I don't know. Just be aware that sometimes the colors don't looks as vibrant as they could on some cars. I'm still messing with values.

Let me know what you guys think! If you all like it, I will release more colors. I have other colors made, but I chose to only release these 3 as they looked the best. The other colors were too hard to distinguish on some cars, and I just wasn't happy with them.


I take no ownership of the vehicles pictured. Mod credits go to their respective owners.
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