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This mod is just updated version of "Simply Disable Chromatic Aberration" by BobJaneTMart.
Original mod is outdated and can't be used with newest versions of the game because of new lines for new dlcs.

It's very basic tweak, you can make it on your own, instructions included (not very good english warning).

If you're looking for all-in-one tweaks, you may use PostFXOff by Creftor instead of this.

Files get updated when a new patch is out.

Do not use older version of this tweak with newer game versions! It may cause bugs and crashes. If the game got an update, please wait for updated version of Chromatic Aberration Disabled. You've been warned.

Changed: cameras, underwater, scope vision, weather
NOT changed: stoned and drunk state, stunt effects and other effects which appear only in particular actions.

Simply replace files in update.rpf\common\data\timecycle in OpenIV (edit mode on).

BobJaneTMart for original mod. Thank you for finding the way how to disable this bullsh*t.

1.6 Files were updated to support the Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit DLC
1.5 Files were updated to support the Import\Export DLC
1.4: Files were updated to support the Bikers DLC
1.3: Files were updated to support the Cunning Stunts DLC
1.2: Files were updated to support the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony DLC.
1.1: Added instruction into acrhive for manual tweaks for people who have previously modified files.
1.0000: Initial release.
I cannot provide face-to-face comparisons (I'm not into screenshots or videos at all). If someone want to make some screenshots, I will add them into screenshots section.
If you noticed any oversights (not disabled CA for some game features for example), post it here in comments section, I will fix it.
If you have modded timecycle files and want to disable CA effect, be sure to check instructions within .zip.
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