Blood, Gore and Decals PERFECTED | 2.4

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Please DO NOT reupload or use any part of my mod in your projects etc. without my permission

Make sure you can see all the blood effects (especially on the environment) like in the images in your game after full installation (part 1 and 2), if not you should re-install the mod, make sure you didnt install any blood mods into your mod/root folders before this one, if you did and the blood effects are still missing you will have to delete the mods folder/reinstall gta to get the full mod to work properly

It's another Blood and Decals mod, changes blood and decals like scratches etc. So original...

There will be full description here in near future. Probably...(probably not)
Who reads descriptions of mods like this anyway. Well, probably you right now...

- A big variety of new blood splatters on environment and peds
- New decals textures
- New blood mechanics

-Unpack the .oiv file somewhere
-Open the .oiv file with OpenIV's Package Installer

After more than 2 weeks of working on this version i decided to call it PERFECTED, that means that i probably won't make any bigger changes to this mod ever again than some small fixes and changes.
- New blood splatters for environment
- New blood splatters on peds
- New blood pools
- A lot of minor changes
- And more...

2.3.3 - Unstable
- Added new custom entry wound on head for lower caliber weapons
- Corrected color of custom exit wounds for sniper rifles
- Added better reflectivity and normal maps for blood pools
- Added 3 optional .oiv files for more customization, i am going to add more in next updates
- And more...
2.3.2 - Don't even ask...
2.3.1 - Fixed another corrupted .oiv file, you can install it without any problems now
2.3 - New sniper rifle wounds
- New sniper rifle blood splatters
- New custom exit wounds
- Shotgun can sometimes penetrate the body
- New tyre decals
- (Test) Added new bruise effects while fighting peds with melee weapons
2.2.1 - Added missing config files in .oiv
2.2 - New ped blood textures
- New glass gun shot textures
- Corrected blood colors of most textures
2.1 - Corrected colors and size of most textures
- Blood will now appear on the ped when they are hit with a weapon
- Bullet wounds are now bigger
- Mud splatters on cars are now bigger
- Blood splatters on peds are actually visible now
- New blood soak textures
- Oh and new blood pool texture
- And i think that's it
2.0.1 - Darkened blood splatter on peds to make it outstand from the blood
2.0 - New bullet wounds, blood splatter, blood soak textures
- Size/type of bullet wound/blood splatter on peds depends of weapons caliber
- Shotguns wounds looks finally like a proper shotgun wounds
1.4 - New bullet holes and blood splatters on peds/player
- Longer blood tiremarks
1.3 - Completely redone mod
- New name
1.2 - Changed bullet holes and blood on peds,
1.1 - Added missing texture
- Changed scratches texture, they aren't that cartoony now
1.0 - Initial release
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 PERFECTED | 2.4 (current)

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 2.3.3 Unstable

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 2.0.1 (Blood splatter fix)

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