The Mafiastunting Challenge (Jump to Cayo Perico) 1.0

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Hi, im Mafiastunting and you may know maybe my youtube channel.

Recently i created a crazy challenge and i tried it in a video. It's a jump from GTA 5 map to Cayo Perico island. I challenge you to try it and optionnaly post your video on youtube. You can send your video link in comments of my video :

Few rules :
1- Use any vehicule you want except flying car, plane and other vehicules you can control in the air or underwater (rocket voltic, stromberg, Oppressor MK2 etc)
2- You can't control your vehicule in the air
3- You can use any mods you want, as trainer menu, speed boosting, tuning, add-ons vehicules etc
4- You must use the ramp and can't do any modifications of the map
5- Good luck comrade !

Requirement :
- Perico Island for SP
- No boundary limits
- Menyoo trainer to load the map

Installation :
Simply drop the XML into menyoo spooner folder : Grand Theft Auto V -> menyooStuff -> Spooner
In game use menyoo trainer to load it : press F8 to open Menyoo, select "ObjectSpooner", "SavedFiles" and "load jump cayo final.xml"

Note: Do not re-upload this anywhere without my permission
Credits : Thanks to MAFINS (Menyoo)
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