Paleto Bay Vegetation Overhaul [YMAP] 4.0


This mod Overhauls Paleto bay to give more life to it. This is going to be released through updates since I simple dont have the time to do it all in 1 go. I have alot of plans for this and this is far from the final product so keep yourself up to date on when it gets updated.


This mod is built with V Remaster mod Installed in my game, so to achieve the same look please use their mod:
This does NOT edit their mod in any way, I'm just adding my own trees and props around the map. The aim of my mod is to improve vegetation.

Install these mods to get more props. Some I have used on my maps.
- Increased Props:

- MBD props:


How to install: (Already have a custom_maps folder installed for other Ymaps)
1) Locate your custom_maps folder in; \mods\update\x64\dlcpacks
2) Go into the custom_maps folder and locate; \mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\custom_maps\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\_citye\maps\custom_maps.rpf\
3) Place these files into custom_maps.rpf
- PaletoRemasterDepziTM.ymap
- PaletoRemasterDepziTM2.ymap


How to install (No custom_maps folder installed)
1) Locate to your dlcpacks folder; \mods\update\x64\dlcpacks
2) Install the custom_maps folder into your dlcpacks folder
3) Locate your dlclist and add this line; dlcpacks:/custom_maps/


Props aren't breakable

Change log 1.0:
- Service Station Overhaul
- East side roads Overhaul
- Back Roads now have more trees (still in progress)

Change log 2.0:
- Chicken Factory Overhaul
- Updated Gardens to have more vegetation
- Back roads now have more trees (still in progress)
- Abandon Gas Station now has vegetation

Change log 3.0:
- Fixed non breakable props. They should all break now.

Change log 4.0:
- Finished Chicken Factory
- Finished back roads behind mechanic area
- Added vegetation to PD and all surrounding roads on the West side of Paleto
I may in the future overhual the park behind the Mechanic on the back road, but as of right now I have no plans on doing it
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