[MLO] Pillbox Hill Medical Center Interior [SP / FiveM] v 1.5



This is a mlo hospital interior mod for pillbox hill medical center

made by Jinhongyu4

discord link:

update V1. 5
1 unlock room EICU, observation room, cardiothoracic surgery clinic (not perfect)
2. Improve the decoration of the reception hall on the first floor
3. Fix a large number of bugs, such as the disappearance of the model after falling

new floor (1f) notfinish

1. Update the external decorative signs of the hospital
2. New emergency room layout
3. More new medical equipment
4. Fix LOD model bug

1. Brand new pharmacy layout
2. Added elevator but cannot enter the car
3. Added lighting in treatment rooms and clinics
4. Fix the NPC mold wearing bug in the reception hall

1New facility infusion center
2New Clinic Treatment room and Elevator staircase
3New med prop med lamp cupboard curvedesk and Activated life support machine
4Fixed all protal problem sidedoor and Repair material scale

Module features:
1a large number of original games do not have self-made medical props, some of which are from grand theft auto IV.
2all props can be moved,
3real collision feedback effect. Shooting has different feedback
4adding NPC makes the scene more realistic
5Real physical effect, all props with wheels can slide

1 Put the phmc file into Grand Theft Auto V/mods/update/x64/dlcpacks
2 Open openiv into edit mode, open the path Grand Theft Auto V/mods/update/update.rpf/common/data
Find the dlclist .xml file and add the code dlcpacks:/phmc/

Known bugs
1The newly added rooms are unfraved and the doors are locked
2Some of the tracts have a slight tremor
3npc could not find the correct exit
4There was a problem with the side door of the hospital
5Stretcher car through the mold

This is my frist work so it will be have many insufficient
If you find any shortcomings. Please reply in the comment area and I will solve it in the future
Thanks for you download and support
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