Bahama Mamas Party


I Released this mod a few weeks ago on but I didn't Released it here at that time,but I have decide to do so now
Thx to TwoPlay © and DareDevilYT they made a mod at this place first than me so that's why I put them in my description
There is a party in Bahama Mamas club,check it out

NOTE: Remember that you must have OPEN ALLL INTERIORS to enter the Bahama Mamas club or use another way to enter

place party.xml in your gta v directory
open gta v and in game open map editor,load map and type "party" and enjoy
Do Not put this file in the AutoLoadMaps folder,i'm not responsible if you do so and your game crash
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marvin lebar
do not upload this to any other sites without my permission.
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