Zoraki M906 Stalker


Full credit goes to vegzavr for creating the model and textures. I take no credit for creating the models or textures. I simply ported the 3D model to GTA V.

Replaces the SNS Pistol.

Fully animated
Working collision data
2K textures

Please note:
There are some issues with this mod, mainly the iron sights don't align correctly so the rear sightS are visible but the front sights are not.
The model seems to be not internally modelled so I had to edit the mesh so it actually had room for the magazine to go into. I also had to add my own bullets to the magazine and edit the top of the mag.
Other than that there's just minor clipping around the trigger guard. Most of these issues aren't that noticeable in regular gameplay, so most people will not care, but I still do.


Just extract the archive and place the files in

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