Weapon Sounds Overhaul Feedback Upgrade 3.5


Thanks for the feedbacks!


-Carbine Rifle is using new AR-55 sound from Saints Row 3
-Heavy Sniper is using new sound from Saints Row 3
-Sniper Rifle is using new sound from Saints Row 3
-Combat MG is using Tank's machine gun sounds from Saints Row 3
-MG now has more fitting sound (not changed too much)
-Pistol is using much higher quality and clearer audio but the sound is almost the same
-Combat Pistol sound changed into more realistic one
-Pistol 50 is now using realistic sound
-AP Pistol is using different sound set (theres no way to make ap pistol and vintage sound good and realistic due to modding limitations)
-SMG now has less ear raping sound now
-Special Carbine is now using G36C sound from Firearms Source 2
-Pump Shotgun is now using a different sounds which has more bass and is fitting
-All Shotgun suppressed sounds are changed into more realistic ones
-Minigun fire sound changed
-Grenade Launcher sound also changed

Now compatible with Zippo Raid's mod (vanilla version is also kept)
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