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Meet the PPSH-41. The Grim Reaper, The Russian Death Machine, "Daddy". This Soviet made smg is made to spray 71 rounds out of it's drum as fast as possible, devastating whatever is on the other side. Wether trying to get points to buy Jug, or slaughtering masses, this weapon will get the job done. AmmuNation has a very limited supply of these things (we stole them from the old russian kook in the alley behind Up-N-Atom) so come get your 100% legal firearm that has most likely killed some Nazi's in a past life, before they run out!

Footnote - I know it isnt the best model, but it will have to do for now. most ppsh models are $30 up and being a beginner im not ready to spend that kind of money yet. Until someone rips the new model from Black Ops 3, or I get a better model, this will be the final version.
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