Jacelacey's Pistol Sound Pack v1


A pistol pack created with one of the old YBN type sound packs. I don't remember which one so if you hear a sound from a pack please let me know so I can credit. All the pistols are mine, besides the taser. The rifles are bugged because the person who originally made the sound pack didn't fully finish it.

-All the assault rifles, sub-machine guns, and shotguns are broken, they still work, but sounds only come out the left ear.
- Desert Eagle is quiet and is unrealistic (Who uses the desert eagle)

Sounds That Work
- Pistol
- Combat Pistol
- SNS Pistol
- Desert Eagle
- Heavy Pistol
- Vintage
- AP Pistol
- Taser

Install Instructions
- GTA Main Directory
- X64
- Audio
- Drag and Drop Resident.rpf and weapons player.rpf

Should work for base GTA and FiveM.
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