Custom Missile & Vehicle Weapon Add-On Pack 0.01

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-Projectiles in GTA V is one of the most disappointing effects of this great game, All the Missiles/Tank Shells ingame doesnt have a proper model,but a RPG model instead.This mod Provides a better experience on role-playing/dog-fighting/battling/destroying in gta v, with accurate missile models from FSX,very realistic effect damage, and many other vehicle weapon setups for you to discovery. now with two types of setups: "Fun or Realism" which has a difference in missile range,reload time and some other aspects.

Mod features:
-addon custom missile models
-custom missile settings for planes and helis
-custom cannon,rocket,turret settings for tanks and ground attack vehicles
-custom turrets settings for WWII era fighters and bombers
-optional realistic missile weapon data
-optional weapons.meta file to replace original RPG missiles with real models
-optional explosion enhancement for the best effect of Hellfire,Paveway and many others

If the game crashes on startup, use a custom gameconfig.xml (you can find them at

Model from FSX & BattleField Series
[Aim 9 ver.1][Hellfire ver.2][Hellfire ver.Chinese][Ty90]
Converted to GTA V, edited by Esrohraw
[Aim 7][Aim 9 ver.2][Aim 54C]
Converted to GTA V, edited by SkylineGTRFreak
[Hellfire ver.1][Paveway]
Converted to GTA V, edited by Yoha
[UGM Missile](WIP)
Converted to GTA V, edited by FoxtrotDelta
DLC Pack made,Data edited,Screenshots taken by Elope

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