Vapid Benson - Mapped [Add-On | Replace] 2.1


Do not modify or re-upload without author's permission. Feel free to add the vehicles to FiveM, as long the credit of the authors is given.

This mod modifies the Benson to support custom liveries. 20 liveries by several authors are included inside the texture file of truck. A template is included in the description.

- benson2


- Rockstar Games - Benson model
- TheF3nt0n - Mapping
- AlexanderLB, (Ambient), ReNNie and TheSecretPower - Liveries
- Lt.Caine - Wheels
- Sealyx - Screenshots

- 1.0 - Initial release
- 2.0 - Added a rear license plate, added more liveries, replaced the wheels, improved some liveries, replaced the grille with a 3d grille from GTA IV and the vehicle's main pushbar has been made into an extra, with the IV pushbar returning as one of the pushbar extras and sometimes it will not have any pushbar installed
- 2.1 - Added more liveries and replaced a few of them
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