Unmarked Caracara Long Custom [Add-On | Replace] 1.2 [FINAL]


1) Sirens on the Front-Bumper, Sirens at the windshield and Sirens at the rear window.
2) The taillights are parallel to the sirens.
3) Contains its own Sound-File.
4) Bulletproof Windows.

Replace Installation (GTA V):
Copy the caracara folder to:

(1) X: Grand Theft Auto V update x64 dlcpacks

(2) : Export with OpenIV

(3) X:Grand Theft Auto V updateupdate update update.rpf common data dlclist.xml file

(4) Then open it in any Texteditor(Notepad, VS Code,...)and add the following line

(5) dlcpacks: caracara Item>

(6) Save and replace.

Add-on Installation (RAGEMP):

(1) Open 'dlcpacks' folder in RageMP

(2) Import the 'umkcaracaralc' folder into dlcpacks in RageMP

(3) Start your Server and Spawn the Vehicle with 'SPAWNCOMMAND' umkcaracaralc

(4) Enjoy the Mod

If you are interested in other Mods, you can join to my Discord.
I currently have chargeable vehicles there, but later there will be Free Vehicles there that are only available there.
If you have any Problems or Questions, you can join to my discord and contact me.
My Discord

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v1.1 (11/27/2021)
(1) Fixed Windows / Bulletproof Windows
(2) Fixed Trunk-Roof Colission (LOD)
(3) Fixed Replace Files / You can spawn the Car without Problems via trainer
(4) Added Daytime Screenshots.

- 63 Car Development
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