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Lifted Vehicle Pack
By: H4v0c21

This mod raises the suspension for the following vehicles.
Bodhi,Duneloader,Injection,Mesa,Rancher XL,Rebel,Sandking,
Baller,BeeJay XL,Cavalcade,Dubsta,Granger,Gresley,Landstalker,
Patriot,Seminole,Bison,Bobcat XL,Rat-Loader,Sadler,Crusader,
Lifeguard,Park Ranger,FIB (Granger),Police Rancher

For non DLC cars navigate to \update\update.rpf\common\data using OpenIV
and replace handling.meta
For DLC cars stand by for more updates to come.
Adding support for DLC cars is a longer process and will make installing much more difficult.

I will be adding support for the following vehicles in the future.
Faction Custom Donk,Bifta,Brawler,Desert Raid,Dubsta 6x6,
Technical,Trophy Truck,Huntley S,XLS,Contender,Rat-Truck

I will also be added the "Sheriff Granger" but I can't find it's id at this time.

Some cars will roll over very easily. In order to fix this I would have to change the weight.
I will do that in the next update (maybe).
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