Truffade Thrax-S (Add-on) 1.1


Long time no see.

This time, we introduce the Thrax-S, a modified rear design of the Thrax.

This vehicle is for those who do not like the rear design of the existing Trax.

If you don't like it, don't use it.

This is a mode that combines the rear design of the Pegassi Joe Russo with the Trax, using the rear design of the Divo.

It is definitely a lore friendly vehicle.

If you think it is unlore and not a lore friendly vehicle, please do not use it.

Tuning parts for several vehicles and the Emerus-FL will be coming to you in the future.

thank you

1.1 Changes.

Changes were made regarding license plates.

Replaced the existing European-spec license plate with an American-spec license plate.

Some texture fixes


- hands on steering wheel
- glass shards and breaking glass on windows
- working radio & dials & indicators
- engine sound change
- As for Lod.... I don't know.

Rockstar Games - Original design, 3d model,
K_Seong_Hun - Model edits

Installation - SP
1. Unpack the .zip file and drag the ksh_thraxs folder into your mods folder
2. Add this line to your dlclist.xml: dlcpacks:dlcpacks:/ksh_thraxs/
3. Enjoy!

Spawn names : thraxs

Feedback and comments on bug findings are always welcome.

thank you

Photo By : K_Seong_Hun
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