Toyota Supra Handling


Both addon and replace methods are included in this mod. It replaces the Massacro.

Standard Supra:

This is a pretty easy car to drive, it's quite brisk and, if you push it, it will go sideways but most of the time it just goes around the corner normally and it's very controllable.

0-60: 4.8s
0-100: 9.5s
Top Speed: 170mph
Weight: 1500kg

F&F Supra:

I just did this one for a bit of fun before and I basically made a car that could do a 9-10s 1/4 mile and then tried to make it as driveable as I could. It does slide because of the power but it's surprisingly controllable and you can even get some on power understeer at low speed because it lifts the front a little.

0-60: 2.4s
0-100: 4.2s
0-150: 9s
Top Speed: 220mph
Weight: 1490kg

Full credit for the model goes to AlexHIT.
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