SPVM-Based LSPD Dodge Caravan non els fivem resource 2.2


Dodge Caravan SPVM Based MX 7000 Lightbar [ELS & Non ELS] [Fivem]

added non els version fivem resource enjoy. improved and re scaled light modules all around, template in the folder, will update carcols in the future.
non-els version is the updated version please use included data files,

in 2.0 original template found, added a seperate version with seperate carcols > green light version, instead of blue rear rotator you will have a green one like in SPVM.

[in fivem sirensettings id conflicts seem to be common, you should keep a spread sheet of all your add on vehicles sirensetting ID value, if that number conflicts with another pack in your server. Remember numbers must be unique]

I converted this model to non els for a friend didn't know it was requested so much. enjoy. Sliding doors, collisions, LODs to L3, HQ Mirrors, Dials, Hands on sterring, MX 7000 rotating LED lightbar uses ELS ROTA settings.

added dash light, grill lights, new rear TA, and side whelen dominators.

change log:
vers 3.2 plate is one the template in one location

can replace any minivan comparable slot, such as POLICET, GRESLEY

Multilvery capable

Minivan is not a police car slot to enable features you must edit your vehicles.meta and the carveations to the following

Light Settings: 22 , Siren settings: 7




To install, use open IV in edit mode and place in latest patchday or in

\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday9ng\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf

Also copy the VCF xml to you ELS Folder >> \Grand Theft Auto V\ELS\pack_default"

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Converted from GTA IV to GTAV by Candice

Features HQ Mirrors, Working Indicators, Headlights, Hands on Steering, Working Dials, Window and Light-bar Collisions, and Sliding Doors

Original Dodge Caravan model made by the Driver: San Francisco development team.
The vehicle was converted to GTAIV by an unknown party not affiliated with Lt.Caine.
The main model was extensively optimized, modified, and templated by Lt.Caine.
Toughbook laptop made by Schaefft
Code 3 MX-7000 light bar and all other emergency equipment and lighting made by Lt.Caine.
Siren Controls
Placement of lighting equipment by PoliceWag.
Roof rails made by PoliceWag.
tam85 by tomcatt
DEV Whelen ION Series Super-LED By HDgamerzPC
Whelen Dominatory by Tomcat8492
DEV HAzard LED By MooseYTY

Special Thanks to LT. Caine for wihout him alot of our lights would be dull.
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