Realisting handling for LMTLS' Hycade Audi R8 with vehicles.meta update. 1.1

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1.1 Changes:
Better turning and braking.


Realistic handling update for the Hycade Audi R8 to add more power to the car.
I also edited the vehicles.meta so the car spawns with all extras on.

Checkout the original file at:

Shoutout to LMTLS Team for making this car!

How to install/steps:
1: Install the original file.
2: Simply replace this handling.meta file with the original handling.
3: Repeat step 2 for vehicles.meta too.
4: Done.

Consider leaving feedback in the description if you want anything changed.
You can change the speed limit to your liking by changing the fInitialDriveMaxFlatVel value to a higher or lower value.
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