Advanced Handling for ANeRTee's BMW M6 F13 Shadowline 0.5



Made by: XxxTHEBEASTxxX.
Discord: XxxTHEBEASTxxX5558.
FiveM Server: OldRoad Romania Roleplay.
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Vehicle Model Creator:
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Engine Sound Mod:
File Content: Realistic Handling for
The handling is made to simulate as best as possible the way the car is controlled (the way it slides, swings, accelerates, brakes, etc.)
1. Download the file.
2. Extract the content.
3. Replace the already existing file with the new one or just replace the text inside the already existing file.
4. Save the changes if needed.
5. Enjoy!
Version 0.2
-Better breaking performance.
-The weight has been modified to be like the real one.
-Now the vehicle loses control more easily on rough terrain.

Version 0.3
-The suspension was adjusted (raised) so that the wheel no longer passes through the front fenders of the car during turns.

Version 0.4
-The suspension upper limit has been adjusted so that the wheel no longer passes through the front fenders of the car while driving on rough terrain or during turns and breaks. (Only when the suspension is at maximum height. If the suspension is lowered, it will still pass trough the front fender).

Version 0.5
-The vehicle deformation on impact has been improved.
-Gear shifting has been adjusted (it is not the same as it is in real life ... yet).
-The suspension is now a little stronger.
-Now both front and rear suspension are balanced (the suspensions have the same strength).
-Link for the engine sound mod has been included in the description. I apologize, TheAdmiester, I should have done this from the beginning.
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