Real World Vehicle + Weapon Names 4.4

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Real World Vehicle Names + Real Weapon Names

-updated some vehicles that were missed including the dominator racecar and massacro racecar, along with renaming some cars to be more appropriate. also updated the images to show the updated names.
-changed x80-proto to the Ferrari F80 Concept(thanks to @Lemm @glitch for the name.)
-Added Further Adventures in Finance and Felony cars
-Changed "Compact Rifle" to "AKS-74U" (thanks to _Vlad_ for the name)
-updated mod for support for GTAV update v1.0.678.1(lowriders 2)
(for now the 2 new guns are not renamed, waiting on what the real name versions are called)
-also removed the .gxt2 files and just used .oxt for simplicity.
-added backup files for restoring
-added missing french oxt files
-added blimps to the file
-Added extracted oxt file for easy editing
-fixed missing names on some planes and helicopters
-added french file
-added real weapon names. BIG Thanks to "Jax765" for letting me use his weapons names to add to my vehicle names.
If you want just real weapon names please see his mod

Hello i have made a simple mod that renames all the vehicles to the real world counterpart(or atleast to the closest thing to it)

This is a very simple install mod and can easily be edited to change the names of the vehicles yourself if you end up replacing a vehicle and need to rename it appropriately, just extract the file into openformats using openIV and find the vehicle you want to rename using Ctrl+F, i have put every vehicle up to the latest update into this single file so its easy to find and edit.

Installation: copy "global.oxt" to: \mods\update\update.rpf\x64\patch\data\lang\american_rel.rpf\
Installation: copie "global.oxt" to: \mods\update\update.rpf\x64\patch\data\lang\french_rel.rpf\

thats it :) have fun and please let me know if you find anything wrong or
another vehicle that may fit better, or just need tweaking.

DO NOT ask me for help if you have problems on your pirated version. if i could i would intentionally break the mod on pirated versions.

Big thanks to both:
Alexander Blade
OpenIV Team
without these guys this wouldnt be possible.

and again to:
for his weapon names

And thanks to the people who keep the wiki for gta5's vehicles updated, that wiki helped me immensely finding matches for the the in-game vehicles.
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