Pegassi Infernus SE Classic [Add-On] 1.1


The 1990s classic received a facelift in anticipation it would look less dated when standing on the brink of 21st century. New front fascia, more extravagant rim design and plethora of new factory paintjobs are guaranteed to persuade you to buy another Infernus that has changed little since its introduction in 1990. Any headlight design similarity to a Japanese coupe popular with rice enthusiasts is purely coincidental.
Legendary Motorsport

Installation guide in a readme file in the archive.


+ Added new tuning parts: 2 custom hoods, 2 custom front bumpers, 6 custom headlight covers, 1 custom engine cover.
• Fixed asymmetrical stock exhaust tips.
+ Headlight glass improvements: black surround, breakable glass.
• Minor model fixes.

• Initial release.

This is facelifted Pegassi Infernus Classic with design cues inspired by facelifted 1998-2001 Lamborghini Diablo.

Model name: infernus2se


Body: new front bumper, new fixed headlights, new badges, including 3D badges on body, engine block and steering wheel.
Wheels: new colourable rims, increased diameter of front and rear wheels, wide rear tyres.
Tuning: custom front bumpers, custom hoods, custom light covers, new Diablo GT-style engine intake cover, plate options: front plate removal, European-style licence plates, improved original tuning parts, removed custom front splitters.
• 17 new custom spawn colours.
• Various smaller model fixes.
All basic vehicle functions: breaking glass, dirt mapping, colourable interior, all LODs etc.


Rockstar Games - original vehicle model.
Ubisoft Montreal - original rim model from Watch Dogs.
Voit Turyv - model edits, porting.
deadman23 - models: front bumper, custom front bumper, fixed headlights, headlight covers, custom hood, big engine intake.
MGgames100 - wheel model porting from Watch Dogs.
AlexanderLB - 2D badge texture sheet.
Boywond - 3D badge models.
TheSecretPower - Pegassi licence plate decal.
LamboFreak - custom spawn colours.


AbsolutelyHalal, (Ambient), Capimeen, christaki, JoonasPRKL, TomCruisGta, Valante Luize Sushi.

Ask me for permission first before you want to:
- modify the file,
- reupload the file somewhere else,
- use the file for your multiplayer server.
Do not use the mod for your commercial, financial or personal gain.
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