LS Subway [Add-On] 1.0 BETA


A scratch-made heavy rail subway car inspired by the real-life Los Angeles subway trains.
It's my first model, so it might have some minor mistakes somewhere.

I created it to fit the existing rail lines, so it had to be shortened and made less wide. After all, the metro railway in LS is meant for much smaller light rail trams.

It's possible to retexture this to an extent, so feel free to make skins for it. Don't reupload the model though.

-Passenger seating
-Full collisions (+ ability to walk between carriages)
-LOD model

Not included: (yet)
-Glass collisions
-Proper way for AI passengers to walk in and out of the train

-There may be rare instances where a passenger's elbow sticks out of the side a bit.

This was ported in a hurry since I won't be on my PC for quite a while from now. I wanted to upload it ASAP anyhow, so here it is. I'll probably make a proper version of it at some point with some of the issues fixed.

Also, there's a bunch of custom train configs with different speeds and compatibility options for the Brown Streak.
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