Karin Sultan Basic [Add-On | Tuning | Sounds | Handling] FINAL


A base-model version of the Karin Sultan Classic.

Basic One of a Kind Steelies. (Stock Model)
Basic Side Skirts. (Stock Model)
Basic Front / Rear Bumper. (Stock Model)
Plastic Mirrors / Door Handles.
Functioning Fender Indicators. (This wasn't available on the stock model, silly R*)
Naturally Aspirated Karin™️ Flat Four.
Custom Tuning Parts (Rear Bumpers have been edited to include a single exit exhaust only | A few new exhausts)
Breakable windows.
Dirt Mapping.
Custom Burn Mapping. (L0 Only)
Custom Sounds by LamboFreak
Custom Handling by Eddlm

Spawn Name

Bugs that i am aware of, but likely won't be fixed. (Sorry, mod is to far along to go back and fix these issues, i will do better next time.)
No burn mapping on LOD's. This is due to a workflow issue. I'd only just learned how to do custom Burn Mapping so L0 got it and the rest of the LOD's did not. My Apologies.

LOD's L1 - L3 on the front and rear bumper are not low detail enough, causing excessive sultan2a.yft size. (the lod model however is still smaller in size than the _hi model)

Dirtmapping doesn't match up perfectly on front / rear bumpers.

Vanillaworks - Feedback / Suggestions

TheBDuck - His original steelie wheels, that i modelled over as a base for my steelies.

Bob322 - Original Flat Four engine Model.

Eddlm - Custom Handling.

LamboFreak - Custom Sounds.
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