Karin "Blind Spot" Everon [Add-On]

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So uh, July 8th, it's my birthday today. This truck is a little shitposting-grade side project made specially for it.

So go shine on 'em!

This vehicle is based on an awesome real-life project by rctestflight, the Worlds Brightest LED Light Bar truck.

- A fuckbright LED array on the roof - toggle it with the horn button
- Some customization
- Handmade LODs for everything

Spawn code: bspot

To prevent issues:
- A custom gameconfig.xml, Packfile Limit Adjuster and HeapAdjuster allow you to avoid most crashes and other common problems with GTA 5 mods - please install them if you're modding your game extensively.
- SirenSetting Limit Adjuster is highly recommended for this mod, to prevent lighting ID conflicts, which can make emergency lights look wrong if you have many other mods.

Contact me
- Discord DMs: w/#7263
- LoreHub Discord server
- Or here in comments (but please, not through forums)

rctestflight - the idea and inspiration
Jacobmaate, bravo_one_charlie - stock Karin Everon

Use this mod wherever you want. Re-uploading is allowed as long as proper credits are given, a link to this page is present and a message to me is sent. No monetization of this mod on FiveM servers or by "paywalling" it is allowed in any form. Thank you.

If you like my work and want to support me, please consider donating here at Boosty. Unfortunately this seems to be the only service that's currently working in my country. My apologies for the inconvenience and thank you.
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