In-Universe Transformers Vehicles Remastered [Menyoo] 5.0



This is a remastered version of my very first mod!

It's pretty robust and bare-bones but I've been lacking motivation so I wanted to remaster my very first pack! Some characters have been removed since in three and a half years Rockstar has added tons of new vehicles. Most have been redone and many have been added. All characters have continuity indicators at the end of their names to help identify where they're from. Due to the limitations of GTA V, some iterations may not be fully accurate to the source material.

G1 (Generation One, 1984)
G2 (Generation Two, 1993)
Alternators (Alternators/Binaltech toyline, 2003)
Cybertron (Unicron Trilogy: Cybertron, 2005)
Animated (Transformers: Animated, 2007)
TF07 (Transformers, 2007)
ROTF (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, 2009)
Prime (Transformers: Prime, 2010)
RTS (Reveal The Shield, 2010)
DOTM (Transformers: Dark of the Moon, 2011)
AOE (Transformers: Age of Extinction, 2014)
TLK (Transformers: The Last Knight, 2017)
BB (Bumblebee, 2018)
Bayverse (Original or general movie designs)
OC (Original Creations)

Installation instructions:
- Open bots.rar
- Drag and drop the New Bots folder into Grand Theft Auto V/ menyooStuff/Vehicle

And you're done! Enjoy!
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