Ford Transit Tipper Van 2007 1.1

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This MOD is Replace and FiveM Ready!

I Will be updating this to make it even better than it is. Iv Also Got Ideas on Making other Rears For this as such as a Flatbed for cars and more.


-New Handling
-New Engine Sound From a petrol car to a Diesal Van.

== LINKS ==
My Discord:

Join my Discord above to get access to Paid stuff and Release Notifications. I Also Make custom work for the correct price.

== Replace ==
To install the replace version of this car, go to
and drag and drop all the files in this folder in there.

== Features ==
Uk British Numberplate
Custom Tipper for Scrap Work

== Credits ==
Ford Model: San andreas
Convert: Dalton
Screenshots: Dalton
Modeled The Rear: Dalton
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